Welcome to the Cosmetic Dental Clinic - Sri Lanka's No. 01 Clinic for Cosmetic Dentistry.

If you are a new patient, we would like to welcome you to the Cosmetic Dental Practice.

This Website contains information about the range of services we offer our patients and why you should attend regularly. We endeavour to provide your dental care in a friendly and relaxed manner. New Patients are always welcome. Emergency patients can usually be seen the same day so please telephone as soon as possible.

Why Bother Attending ?

• Your dental/oral care becomes a part of your general health care

• We ensure decay is absent or treated before it becomes problematic

• You learn how to maintain healthy gums

• We ensure children with crooked tooth development get referred at the right age to an Orthodontist

• We can improve and brighten your smile, giving you added confidence

Our expertise is in cosmetic dentistry and taking an artistic approach to your smile. Before we even think about working on your teeth we will fully assess your smile from every angle and how it sits with all your facial features.

We will then discuss with you your needs and concerns and what you want from your smile before explaining all the treatment options available to you. Communication is the key to successful cosmetic dental results and our reputation is within your smile.